VBS – Encounter on the Road – Day 5

Tonight is family celebration night, but I wanted to give you one more devotional to complete the week.
LUKE 24:13-35

Recently I was chatting with a friend who loves to hike. (I only hike occasionally when coerced by my family.) He is also aware of my abject phobia of a certain “legless” creature. “You know,” he said, “they blend so well with their surroundings, I wonder how many times we’ve all walked right by them without seeing them.” Yikes! I immediately looked around and we were in a concrete office building six floors up!

Sometimes we don’t see things because we aren’t looking and sometimes we don’t see them because we don’t expect them to be there. And, in God’s own plan and blessing, sometimes we are prevented from seeing … until just the right time.

On the day of Jesus’ resurrection two of His followers were making the approximately 7-mile trek from Jerusalem back to their home in Emmaus. We know the name of one of the men, Cleopas (who some Bible scholars think may have been the husband of one of the women at the foot of the cross—John 19:25).
The men were talking about the events of the last few days and the reports from the women and the disciples about Jesus’ resurrection. A man fell into step with them and joined their conversation. My mind races with questions. Why these two guys? They weren’t part of the inner circle. Why the mysterious “so what’s up guys” approach? Isn’t this the time for an encore of the heavenly host who announced His birth? God’s choices and timing are amazing and mind-boggling. Two ordinary guys were chosen by God to hear the full explanation of the gospel from Genesis to this true moment of revelation. Cleopas and his friend were shocked that their traveling partner seemed unaware of the mind-blowing events of the past few days in Jerusalem. And then this man began to speak. He explained how Scripture foretold everything that had happened. He talked about how the Messiah had to come and why He had to suffer.

The trio arrived in Emmaus near day’s end and the two travelers invited their new friend to stay for the evening meal. As they prepared to eat, Jesus broke the bread and blessed it. At that moment Jesus’ identity was revealed. The men were astounded … and Jesus disappeared. My imagination is fired up again! Did they jump up from the table too excited to eat and race back to Jerusalem? Did they grab a hunk of that precious blessed and broken bread to sustain them for that 7-mile sprint back to Jerusalem? Either way, an unexpected face-to-face encounter with Jesus was not an experience to keep to themselves. The other disciples had to know!

Knowing Jesus is life-changing. Experiencing His presence is something that has to be shared.
1.Read Romans 10:17 (today’s bonus verse). Why is the message about Jesus Christ so important?
2.Think about a time when you were most aware of Jesus in your life. How would you describe it to someone?
3.In the busy-ness of VBS, it’s easy to lose the urgency of telling others about Him. Pray that God would make clear those moments when you can share the gospel with someone.

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